10 problems or opportunities facing the world today and the technologies that can help solve them

I don’t personally believe any of these problems or opportunities to be great than others so this list will be in no particular order. I hope that our future is bright and that we will be able to utilize technology well enough to solve each of these.

  • World Hunger – agricultural advances that will increase efficiency in farming and can increase water resources, development of crops that can grow in drier climates
  • Global Warming – the problem goes hand-in-hand with pollution, but can also be held separate because it involves one area of pollution, green-house gases – solutions might include
  • Pollution – the discovery or invention of cleaner energy sources – increased recycling programs and better recycling methods
  • Education – the information age is driving society to learn – online courses such as this one are available to people across the country, even while they are currently employed – computers and the Internet are being utilized through programs such as the 1 laptop per child program that was developed to help children in third world countries have the opportunity for an education
  • Poverty – information technology seems to be driving economies in third world countries – development of computers and the Internet have provided a low-cost platform for these countries to enter into the information age where they are able to earn an income performing labor for companies across the world without leaving their homes
  • Energy Waste and Efficiency – production of energy-efficient appliances, vehicles, electronic devices, and so on can help us reduce the amount of energy we waste every day – I bet we produce enough heat through the storage and processing of information each day across the world that we could heat every home in Canada during an entire winter, yet all we can think about is using more energy to find ways to keep our servers cold enough that they do not receive any significant heat damage…
  • Alternative Energy Sources – oil seems to be on topic all of the time lately, but there are alternative energy resources – wind, solar, water, nuclear – that can be further researched
  • Space Exploration – this is an opportunity for us to learn more about the world that we live in, and by world I am not just talking about the Earth – there are so many galaxies to explore, so many elements to discover… who knows what is out there for us to discover? I think we are starting to move in the right direction, but that we are still decades behind in this research
  • Health Care – technology should be embraced and driven as a method for reducing health costs for everyone across the world – is there really a reason that health care needs to cost as much as it does? or do we need to find more efficient and better ways for providing health care? also nano-technology is giving us a method by which we can deliver medicines and perform surgeries never before possible
  • Disease – genetics – learning more about ourselves and our bodies will open doors to solutions for diseases and viruses that we have never before considered – doctors are able to diagnose diseases and ailments months and years ahead of what was previously possible

Some of these problems and opportunities will most likely bring about new opportunities and issues for us as a people to embrace and deal with along the way. Just as technologies breed new technologies so do opportunities branch into other opportunities and problems produce more problems. The future can become better or worse depending on your own personal outlook on things. I think we need to take a step outside the box and recognize this so that we are moving towards common goals instead of dealing with personal issues if we want to succeed in the future.

~ by George Andrews on October 18, 2007.

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